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We Can Connect you Globally to the Culture

Since 2021, we’ve been dedicated to crafting creative strategies that shape and ignite brand acceleration. From concept ideation to execution, 1954 Global Marketing Group LLC is here to help you every step of the way.

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"Leading our Kulture with Love, Legacy, Wisdom, and Vision"

a Global Urban Digital Multi-Media Content Creating Lifestyle Corporation. we have several companies and ventures. 

We specialize in the Development, Acquisition, Marketing, Branding, production, Streaming-Distribution, and also sales of Urban Media, Film, TV, and Music of lifestyle content.

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Results You’ll Love

Kulturezine Music Group LLC. (KMG) is A division of Kulturezine Media Interactive LLC. We are a Global Digital Music Distribution Company. We specialize in the development, acquisition, production, distribution, and sales of Music content. KMG's diversified expertise spans Recording Music Production. Artist Development, Soundtracks, and Music Placement, along with marketing, branding. Through our global reach and expansive scale, powered by deep local, and global market knowledge.

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 “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” - Mahatma Gandhi

Global Wake up Movement Inc. “plan is to Stop all the Violence in our Global Communities” our goal is to push the generations, that have been in a long fight to create better Global Communities.  Our Global Communities are still plagued with several forms of Violence including the following: Gangs, Police & Social, Economic, Health, and Educational injustices, also lack of both youth and community leadership, and prison & criminal reform to name a few. We have come together to help with these elements that are true acts of Violence in our Global Communities.

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Results You’ll Love

Our approach to Web Design will give your business that extra adrenaline shot it needs. Whether we’re asked to start from scratch or act as advisors to your creative vision — we’ll work together to achieve the best possible results.

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